Requesting Accommodation Letters

After you have completed course registration (starting September 9th):

  1. Log into the AIM portal using your Harvard Key
  2. You will see a screen with your classes listed and check boxes underneath with each of your approved accommodations.
  3. Select “Submit Your Accommodation Requests.” There will be a slight delay after submitting to allow AEO staff to review for accuracy.
    1. Select which accommodations you want to appear on your letters for each class.
    2. You can select all accommodations for all classes. If you do not select an accommodation, you will not be eligible to utilize it for that class, unless a change is made.
    3. Accommodations are in broad categories, such as “Alternative Testing.” If you have been approved for any testing accommodations, such as extended time, that will show up on your letter once you select Alternative Testing.Example Accommodation List
  4. Letters will be emailed to you and your primary instructor of each course. You will need to forward this letter to any additional course instructors, such as TFs, who are not listed.
  5. Make sure you meet with your faculty in person to discuss your access needs for each course. AEO is available to assist in these discussions upon request.