Requesting Faculty Accommodation Notifications

Each semester, you must request that DAO sends email notification of your accommodation eligibility to your instructors. You can put in your requests through DAO's online portal. A notification request from the current term is required in order to ensure the implementation of your accommodations. Please do not forward accommodation notification emails from previous semesters because they do not indicate your most up-to-date eligibility for accommodations.

It may take up to 24 hours after you enroll in my.harvard for your courses to appear in DAO's online portal. If your courses do not appear when you log into the AIM portal, please contact us.

Please follow the steps outlined below to request your accommodation notifications:

  1. Log into the DAO online portal using your Harvard Key.

  2. Once logged in, you will see your classes listed under the heading “Select Accommodations for Your Class”

  3. In the section labeled “Step 1: Select Class(es),” check the boxes for the classes to which you would like to send accommodation notifications to your instructors.

  4. Click “Step 2: Continue to Customize Accommodations.”

  5. On this page, select the accommodations you want to appear in your notifications for each class. Accommodations are listed in broad categories. If you are eligible for any testing/exam accommodations (such as extended time), select the  “Alternative Testing” category for these accommodations to appear on your notifications. 

  6. Select “Submit Your Accommodation Requests.” After you submit, DAO will review your requests for accuracy and prompt the system to email out your requested notifications to your course instructors. 

  7. The notifications are emailed to the primary faculty/course head of each class. You will also receive a copy of each notification email directly to your inbox. (The instructor copy and your copy are sent separately. You will not be cc-ed on the faculty copy.)  You will need to forward the email to any additional course instructors, such as TFs, who are not automatically notified.

  8. We advise that you meet with your instructors to discuss your access needs and accommodations for each course. Your Accessibility Advisor is available to support these conversations. Reach out if you need help!

Remember, if you wish to access your accommodations in your classes, you must put in your requests via this process!