Student Groups

Disability Alliance

The purpose of the Harvard Disability Alliance is to create a community for disabled students at Harvard. The group also functions as well as a space for non-disabled students to discuss issues of ableism, inclusion, and social stigma. As both an awareness and social group, HDA seeks to promote accessibility on campus as well as encourage disability pride through events and activism.


Deaf Awareness Club

PBHA’s Deaf Awareness Club Program is a student-run organization dedicated to raising awareness about Deaf Culture among the Harvard Community. DAC offers on-campus American Sign Language (ASL) classes, a weekly ASL Table, and a wide range of educational and social events. DAC members attend Deaf events around the greater Boston area and form relationships with members of the Deaf Community.


RSI Action

RSI Action is a GSAS student group open to all Harvard students (graduate, undergraduate, professional schools) providing preventative education, advocacy and support for students experiencing repetitive strain injury (and those hoping to avoid it).