Harvard Summer School: How to Request Accommodations

Harvard Summer School is operated by the Division of Continuing Education (DCE), so all students requesting academic and housing accommodations for summer school must connect with DCE’s Accessibility Services Office (ASO)Harvard College students seekinghousing accommdoaitons or academic acaccommodations in their summer school courses must register with DCE's ASO, even if they are already registered with DAO. 

The DCE Accessibility Services Office asks that students submit summer school accommodation requests to their office by May 16, 2022. Requests are considered in the order they are received. 

Before registering with ASO, please register for your summer school courses.

Step 1: Create an account on the Accessibility Services Access Portal (ASAP). The portal is your one-stop shop to engage with the ASO team. You are required to create an ASAP account in order to make accommodation requests, upload documentation, view accommodation decision letters, and schedule appointments.

  1. Log into Online Services.

  2. Select the menu item "Request Accommodation."

  3. Select the "Register" button on the portal.

  4. Select "Accessibility Services Access Portal Account Creation."

Step 2: Complete the self-disclosure form via ASAP.

Step 3: Submit documentation via ASAP that meets ASO guidelines. If you are registered with DAO, please note this in your request form so that ASO staff can retrieve your documentation and previous accommodation eligibilities. If documentation is not available at the time of filling out the self-disclosure form, you can return to the portal at a future date. Please note that ASO requires that documentation is received before accommodation requests will be evaluated.

Step 4: Participate in a Welcome Meeting with an ASO team member. ASO will email you to schedule a meeting within two weeks of the creation of your ASAP account and submission of your supporting documentation.