Faculty Letters

Faculty Letters are delivered to the course heads each semester by the students utilizing accommodations. These letters outline the accommodation plan that was developed between AEO staff and the student, after review of the student’s history, self-reported needs, and relevant documentation. Accommodations exist to remove barriers in the learning environment based on the design of the course. For example, tests that were designed to be completed by the majority of students within a set timeframe may not provide a student with a disability enough time to demonstrate their knowledge. Academic accommodations are in place to create equity in the classroom.

Once a faculty letter is received, the following should occur:

  • Faculty should read through the letter carefully, noting what the accommodations are and how they are implemented.
  • Students and Faculty should work together to schedule a time to meet one-on-one to discuss how the course is designed and ways in which the accommodations will be implemented (e.g. how mid-term tests will be proctored).
    • If the student is in need of course flexibility, per the Faculty Letter, a plan should be decided upon with the student which outlines reasonable extensions and flexibility with attendance, taking into account the essential requirements of the course. AEO staff can be asked to join this discussion whenever helpful to assist in determining reasonable parameters of the accommodation.
    • Some students receive exam accommodations that are intended to make exam administration fair and equitable for all students taking the same course. For more information, please see Exams.
  • Once the student and faculty member have reviewed the letter together and agree on the implementation of accommodations, the letter should be kept on file for reference throughout the semester.
  • If a student requests to add or change the accommodations outlined in the letter, they should be referred to AEO, and a revised letter will be drafted and delivered to the faculty.

If faculty have questions or are concerned that accommodations might alter the fundamental requirements of the course, they should contact AEO to discuss changes and/or alternate accommodations.