Some students receive exam accommodations that are intended to make exam administration fair and equitable for all students taking the same course. The implementation of accommodations for in-class timed exercises, including midterm exams, is the responsibility of the Course Head. With advanced notice, Course Heads may opt for AEO to proctor midterm exams, and will be sent a link embedded in the Accommodations Notification Letter to complete a Test Agreement Form for their course indicating their proctoring preferences. Please contact AEOtesting@fas.harvard.edu if you have any questions or would like to request that an additional copy of the Test Agreement Form be sent to you directly.

All final examinations for students with AEO-approved exam accommodations are administered during the final exam period by the Registrar's Office. AEO collaborates with the Registrar's Office to ensure the implementation of accommodations during that period. For questions concerning the administration of final exams (e.g., dropping off/picking up exams, location of AEO students, etc.), please contact the FAS Final Examinations Office at exams@fas.harvard.edu or (617) 495-1542.