Planning Accessible Events

When planning events that are open to the public, make sure that your events are accessible for guests with disabilities. Your event may require a sign language interpreter, large print handouts, or simply making sure that the room you reserve is easily accessible. Please review the UDR guidelines for event accessibility in order to plan ahead for access.

Pre-event publicity, whether by flyer, website, or other means should include information on how potential participants may request any accommodations that they may need, including relocation if the event is being held in an inaccessible location. Use of the access symbols are helpful in highlighting accessibility information in written publicity. Please refer to this UDR guidance to formulate a reasonable accommodation statement in your event’s publicity materials that invites participates to communicate their accommodation needs.

Individuals seeking accommodations in order to participate in Harvard events are encouraged to notify the event’s organizer(s) as soon as possible of their accommodation needs. Please provide a minimum of two weeks advance notice when feasible, given the amount of lead time that may be necessary to relocate an event from an inaccessible to an accessible location or to provide certain other accommodations (for example, the provision of an interpreter).