Transportation Assistance

All public transportation options in the Harvard area are ADA accessible, including the MBTA.

Harvard shuttle buses have routes to and from residential locations. Students who require close-proximity transportation due to a disability or temporary injury that makes it difficult to use the regular shuttle busses may request access to the Daytime Van Service by contacting DAO. Daytime Van Service is a paratransit service provided as a courtesy by the University, and there are defined service boundaries. Students who need access to locations beyond the service boundaries should explore accessible options through the MBTA.

Harvard Transportation & Parking:

University Disability Services:

MBTA Public Transportation/Accessible Services

Public Parking Garages and Lots in Harvard Square

City of Cambridge Parking Spaces:

  • In the city of Cambridge, individuals with a state-issued disability (HP) plate or placard may park for free in Cambridge-owned spots. For Harvard-owned parking spots, a Harvard University parking permit is required in addition to a plate or placard for accessible parking.
  • Metered Parking Map for the City of Cambridge
  • Parking locations and permits for Harvard University

Logan Airport Access & Taxi Services: