Exam Accommodations

Accommodations for timed assessments, including midterms, quizzes, and final exams, are implemented in collaboration with course faculty and instructional staff. These accommodations address barriers related to time limits, testing environment, test format, and specific student needs. Examples of exam accommodations include extended time, breaks, reduced-distraction environments, and the use of assistive technologies. Reasonable exam accommodations are individually determined based on the specific academic environment, the course objectives, and the student’s disability profile.

Each semester, faculty will be asked to share specific information about timed assessments in their courses with the Disability Access Office (DAO) in order to facilitate test accommodations. Faculty may choose to administer accommodated term-time tests themselves, or the DAO can assist with accommodated test proctoring, based on availability. Timely communication between students, faculty, and AEO staff is critical for the coordination of test proctoring.

All final examinations for students with DAO-approved exam accommodations are administered during the final exam period by the FAS Registrar's Office, and the appropriate accommodations will be made in conjunction with DAO.

Laptops for Exams

The Assistive Technology Center (ATC) maintains specialized laptops for students registered with DAO to use for course exams. These laptops are internet-disabled, unless otherwise specified by the instructor. Course staff who need to reserve a laptop for a student in their class should fill out the request form through the ATC.