Accommodations for note-taking assistance are designed to give students access to lecture content in alternative ways while they are present in class. This access may be achieved in several ways.

Independent note-taking is supported through the use of assistive technology, including:

  • smart pens

  • audio recording

  • note-taking software/apps


Any students utilizing technology with an audio recording function agree to terms of privacy, and access to the recordings is limited only for their individualized educational needs. Students must first complete an Access Meeting with the AEO, and often a consultation with the ATC, to determine which type of technology is best suited for them.


In certain cases, AEO may request that the course faculty recruit a student note-taker enrolled in class who will regularly share copies of their own notes with the student. This is a voluntary position, and the AEO does not provide any monetary compensation to the note-taker. Faculty who need assistance with recruiting an in-class note-taker or with language to use when making this announcement should contact an AEO staff member for support.