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How to Register with AEO

Members of the Class of 2021 please reference our Welcome Letter for Incoming Freshman.

If you anticipate needing disability or health related services for academics, residential life and campus activities, please follow the steps detailed below:

Step 1: Documentation

Our office is committed to making the most appropriate accommodations for a disability. Current clinical documentation helps us to determine whether a student is eligible for services and ensure that the most appropriate accommodation is being given if approved. Some conditions may change over time and we want to know the current limitations of any disability.

Please make appropriate clinical documentation guidelines available to your clinician in advance to ensure their relevance to your requests.

Even if you have provided documentation to University Health Services, you must send a separate copy to this office.

Step 2: Registration

Print out and complete the registration form and return it to our office along with current clinical documentation.

Registration Form

Step 3: Interview

Impersonal documents do not give the whole picture of who students are or what their academic needs may be. A personal interview with an Accessible Education Office (AEO) staff member, as well as the requisite documentation are required before eligibility for requested services can be determined. A personal interview helps AEO assess what the best accommodation should be and also provides a time for open discussion and a chance for the student to pose questions that may not arise until speaking one-on-one.

Information for Incoming Freshman Students

On behalf of the Accessible Education Office (AEO), we congratulate you on your admission to Harvard College. Be assured that services for persons with disabilities or health conditions are available to all Harvard students who need them. With information from you, along with proper confidential clinical documentation, we are able to plan with you to provide reasonable accommodation of course materials, classrooms and other aspects of student life, as appropriate. For more information, please contact or call 617-496-8707. REGISTRATION MATERIALS ARE DUE IN AEO BY MAY 2, 2016.

In addition, you may obtain information on the physical accessibility of Harvard University campus events and venues by directing inquiries to our office at 617-496-8707, to, or to the University Disability Coordinator, 617-495-1540 ext. #1.

We believe you, having already developed successful strategies prior to college, are the best person to oversee the quality of services provided. AEO works as a team with Faculty, staff and students to monitor agreed-upon accommodations. You initiate the self-advocacy process by presenting letters of introduction from AEO to teaching Faculty who then conduct their presentations and prepare course materials with your needs in mind. Examples of available services we offer include providing architecturally accessible classes, adaptive technology, interpreters or assistive listening devices for students with a hearing loss, and referrals for study strategy assistance. Please review the Accommodations section for more information.

All requests for services and accommodations are evaluated by AEO in conjunction with Harvard policies. The timely presentation of comprehensive clinical documentation, which meets the AEO guidelines for clinical documentation, is essential and available at our website: Evaluation and service delays may result from documentation that does not arrive in our office by requested deadlines and/or does not contain the information specified in these guidelines; and we reserve the right to request additional interpretation from your clinician or from University Health Services. The provision of services in a previous educational setting does not guarantee that they will be approved here.

We look forward to meeting you. All questions are welcome!

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