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INFORMATION FOR STUDENTS: Clinical Documentation

Before any accommodation can be granted, students must submit current clinical documentation as well as meet with an AEO representative. To ensure complete documentation, we suggest printing the appropriate guidelines (there are printer friendly versions of each) and giving a copy to clinicians for use in writing letters documenting need for accommodations. Students are also advised to keep a copy of any documentation materials they provide to AEO.

AEO evaluates clinical documentation submitted by admitted students for the purpose of seeking accommodations. AEO's evaluation review can include consultation with at least one clinical consultant in addition to a required meeting with the student before final determination of formalized services can be made. With the student's written permission, AEO may need to consult with the original evaluator when documentation guidelines have not been followed or information is otherwise unclear.

Sometimes students may be asked to provide updated comprehensive information if their condition is potentially changeable and/or previous documentation doesn't include sufficient relevant information.

For students admitted in the spring, documentation should be submitted by May 1. For documentation submitted at any other time, AEO cannot assure that the review will be completed within a specific timeframe. We will make every effort to estimate time by which AEO's review will be completed. Last-minute submission of documentation may result in unfortunate delays in consideration of requested services.

We are not able to review individual clinical documentation prior to a student's admission to Harvard, after which, with the written consent of the admitted student, the usual documentation review process will occur to determine eligibility for requested services and/or accommodations.


Inside this Section

Medical Guidelines

This section details the documentation needed for students with medical disabilities (including mobility, manual, hearing and visual) and conditions resulting from temporary illnesses and injuries.

Mental Health Guidelines

This section details the documentation needed for students with a variety of conditions involving psychological, emotional and behavioral disorders and syndromes, used for the purpose of determining eligibility for accommodations.

Learning Disability Guidelines

This section describes standard criteria for documenting learning disabilities (LD) that can be used to determine appropriate accommodations for individuals with learning disabilities in postsecondary settings.

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Guidelines

This section provides guidelines necessary to establish the impact of ADHD disabilities on the individual's educational performance and participation in other University programs and activities, and to determine the need for accommodations.

AEO's Review Process

This page describes how your documentation is reviewed, and some of the common reasons clinical documentation may be determined insufficient.

Confidentiality & Disclosure

Our policies regarding confidentiality and disclosure.

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