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INFORMATION FOR STUDENTS: Confidentiality & Disclosure


Harvard University will not release any information regarding an individual's diagnosis or documentation without his or her informed written consent or under compulsion of legal process. Any information released will be on a 'need-to-know' basis, except where otherwise required by law. Furthermore, in order to safeguard the confidentiality of individuals with psychiatric or ADHD disabilities, evaluators may withhold or redact any portion of the documentation that is not directly relevant to the University's criteria for establishing a rationale for the requested accommodations as long as the remaining information substantiates the presence of a disability and all documentation criteria are met.


Self-disclosure of any disability is a very personal matter. Accessible Education Office (AEO) and the local disability contacts in each school are prepared to discuss the impact which a particular set of circumstances may have on someone's participation in University programs and activities. However, Harvard University strongly discourages the submission of clinical documentation to anyone during the application process to ensure that admission criteria for all students, with or without disabilities, is equitable. Once admission has been offered or once a current student becomes aware of a diagnosis, more specific conversations about appropriate services will need to take place with AEO, and documentation will need to be sent to AEO and appropriate University healthcare providers ONLY.

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